A family that changes its farming practices for the permanent care of their daughters. In La Cansona, a remote village of a few hundred people in the heart of the Montes de María, which was an armed conflict area in Colombia a decade ago, where the family of Yorlis lives, a mother of four children, two girls were affected by the side effects of the vaccine. Rosa and Mildred, both sisters, suffer constant seizures, loss of consciousness, numbness in their legs and pain in their joints. Before, Mildred used to run, play, help her family and study. Everything took a drastic turn for the worse after she was given the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

The film develops around the coexistence of this family that as they sow, cook, play the children, look for water in the stream and harvest, they are confronted with the impotence of dealing with a strange disease; without sufficient economic resources, and without any state support, an accurate diagnosis, or a treatment that improves the condition of their daughters. It is a horror film that explores the limits of the love of a farmer family, in the midst of the health problems and the ghosts of war.

Project status: Working Progress
Format: HD 16:9, Color, Stereo
Genre: Documental, Horror

The Crew

Carlos Castro

Producer and DP
Emmanuel Angulo

Rafael Bossio

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